ZRE Power Surge SUP Carbon Fiber Paddle


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ZRE Power Surge SUP Carbon Fiber Paddle

The ZRE Stand-Up Paddle is lightweight from 13 ounces to 14.5 ounces. The Stand-UP Power Surge blade design is curved at the bottom blade, and is slightly concave on the power face for a quick catch. The rib design assures positive tracking through the water, eliminating flutter. The one piece carbon fiber shaft is tapered oval, providing strength, comfort, and tracking. The carbon palm grip with finger recess completes this 100% carbon thunderbolt.
The ZRE Stand-Up paddle is warranted for one year against manufacture defects.
ZRE Power Surge proudly made in the USA.

Blade size – 90 sq in
Configuration ā€“ standard fixed length, maximum length 85ā€³ (shaft cut to customer specified length)

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