One on One Lessons

One on One Lessons

One on one lessons a great for quick refreshers for experienced riders so they can enjoy their ride to the fullest and perfect way to get a feel for how much fun it is to ride an SUP board on Lake Washington.

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Group & Corporate SUP Lessons

Group & Corporate SUP Lessons

Getting together with friends is a lot of fun, but not everyone knows how to ride. With a group lesson everyone can enjoy to experience together and some of your friends will find a hobby they love for years to come. For a Corporate team event - SUP - Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a fantastic team building exercise in a safe environment that everyone will remember for years.

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We’re a bold bunch of riders, explorers &
hard-core thrill seekers that bring it.

Perfect Wave was founded by Bobby Arzadon. Like many kids growing up on the islands in Hawaii, Bobby grew up in and on the water.

Perfect wave was started here in Kirkland, WA almost by accident as Bobby. While Bobby was Stand Up Paddle boarding, friends and even strangers were asking where and how they could get their hands on an SUP and learn to ride. Soon Perfect wave had its beach front rental location set at Houghton Beach, the South side of Kirkland next the the volleyball court and Beach House restaurant.

Still growing to meet customer needs, Perfect Wave has a strong retail business for people looking for SUP, surfboards, skim boards, accessories and apparel based in The North Rose Hills area of Kirkland WA.

End of a great day of surfing - calm - relaxed and already thinking about my next ride.