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Have you ever wanted to design and shape your own Surfboard? Well, here is your chance. Here at Perfect Wave we can allow you the chance to get hands on experience at designing and building your own surfboard.

Call the shop for pricing on shaping your own board. (425) 827-5323

Here are some steps involved in the board building process.

1. Think of what type and size surfboard you are interested in building. Then come into the shop and work with Bobby on designing your board.

2. Look through our surfboard template catalog and pick a template for your shape. We can also make a custom template for any surfboard you want to build. All surfboards templates are design by CAD. Surfboard templates are then cut by a C&C machine.

3. After designing what board you decide on, we when then pick out the proper surfboard blank to use for your shape.

4. We then apply the template to blank to get the proper shape.

5. Then we start with the actual board building stages. Where you can have as much hands on building as you like, or you can watch as you board gets shaped in front of you.

6. In a few hours your shape is done.

7. After the shaping process, we take care of glassing the board for you which usually take a few weeks. Then come to the shop and pick up your surfboard.

  Design ~ Shape ~ Surf