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Echotech - Company Profile

Echotech made a sole commitment to the surf industry to produce the finest quality precision blank in surfing history with properties that exceed all other cores. Echotech has pioneered an MDI (methylene di-phenyl di-isocyanate) formula and is now in full production with a capability of 1000 boards per day of the strongest, lightest, and least water absorbentenvironmentally friendly surfboard blanks ever made, replacing the TDI formulas previously used. The Echotech MDI blank has been designed and tested over many months utilizing our unique process and formula that has resulted in a foam core that is a little heavier (example: was 6oz for a short board & 14oz for a long board) but is 20 times stronger, and 35% less water absorbent than any TDI (Toluene Di Isocynate) board ever produced.

Additional benefits recognized by the shapers
Top shapers in the world shaped the plugs for the foam cores we are producing. Echotech has designed and fabricated tooling that renders a blank with exacting standards both in shape and density resulting in up to 50% reduction in shaping time. Echotech's proprietary MDI-based technology eliminates harmful exposure to the shaper during the shaping process, which is prevalent in TDI based foams. Echotech utilizes fully automated 3-D CAD CNC equipment that results in an inventory of over 50 stock rocker patterns. Echotech also offers custom rocker patterns to the shaper, which is stored on our database, making all patterns accessible on demand.

Bobby’s notes on Echotech Blanks:
I’ve worked with Echotech helping with design and research throughout the developing stages of this product up until the completion. I have done just about every test I can think of testing just about every type or resin and hardening agent, from comparing them to all the other surfboard foam blanks available.

As a shaper and a surfer myself, some of the main advantages I have noticed from shaping the Echotech MDI Foam Blanks has been:

  • I have been around all types of surfboard foam/blanks and this is by far the strongest surfboard blank I have ever seen, shaped and riden.
  • Being that these blanks are so strong you can shape them a lot thinner than most EPS or TDI blanks. Being a non-linear foam, you can shape as thin as you like without having to worry about foam density
  • Since the Echotech MDI Foam Blanks are so strong, I also save a lot on fiberglass and resin, only using a single layer of cloth on each side. You’ll notice very little pressure dings when riding these blanks.
  • This blank also cuts really nice on most CNC cutting machines.
If you are a shaper and would like to order our blanks you can start by checking out our catalog. If you would like a price list, email me at info@perfectwave.com to request one. Please add your company name contact information.