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We carry surfboards manufactured here locally in Seattle, Washington and in Hawaii with a wide range of shapers to get you out riding the perfect waves. Our retail store is located in Kirkland, Washington where we offer special order custom surfboards, one-on-one build your ownsurfboard, guidance, used boards, display surfboards, surfboard accessories, surfboard repair, rentals, personal one-on-one and group surf lessons.

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PerfectWave Surf Shop carries a full line of longboards, shortboards and minitankers as well as custom boards in all shapes and sizes. Browse our selection of Bic and PerfectWave handcrafted surfboards.

PerfectWave is located in Kirkland Wa, just E of downtown Seattle, in the beatiful Pacific NW. Come visit us to see our huge selection.

Surftech is proud to announce that Ron House's 12'1" Laird Tuflite has been nominated for SIMA's 2007 Surfboard of the Year award.

Without a doubt, in 2007, standup paddle surfing took the surf community by storm, and the charge was lead on Surftech's 12'1" Laird Tuflite, the first production epoxy sandwich constructed SUP. Never has Surftech's "Stronger, Lighter, Proven" mantra been more relevant as the Ron House designed board set the standard of strength, weight and performance from which all current and future SUP's are compared. The board's versatility allows it to be used in everything from flat water to serious Hawaiian juice and put to rest any misconceptions about the maneuverability of high volume boards. There have been many revolutionary designs throughout our sports history. Of these design innovations, only a small selection standout as having redefined the direction of our sport. Standup paddle surfing, has only touched the surface of our sport and global surf community, but if surfers rapid embracement of SUP's as a component of their quiver is any indicator, standup paddle surfing and the Laird 12'1" will stand out as a huge component of surfing history.

For more information about the 12'1" Laird or any of Surftech's range of boards, go to www.surftech.com.