10′ Hyper Hawaii SUP (USED)




Used Hyper Hawaii SUP

Dimensions: 10’x 33″x 4.5″

Originally $2400

-Upgraded fins

Pairing paddle can be included for an additional $120

The most stable 10’0″ and fastest paddlesurf board on the planet. Standing still at 31.25″ inches and moving at 24″ wide. You can see our patented hull design that we apply in all our boards.
The rail edge on the bottom slope upwards to for and inner chine (v-hull)
by 3.5″ on each side, so the board will stand like a 31.5″ wide board and
move like a 24″ wide board – narrower hull = faster when moving.
The center of the board has deep 10mm concaves to reduce even more surface tension
(water friction) on the board surface.

Our Carbon Dark Root Ebony wood board has the least amount of
“water friction” of any hull on the planet… thus less effort to paddle and much
faster compared to any board of similar size and dimension that is made with a
flat bottom (Most amount of water friction) Another impossible board to
make! Epoxy infused wood veneer and fiberglass cures into a super hard
surface that needs tremendous finishing to get smooth. The results are
amazing with twice the labor of a fiberglass board.