Fliteboard NEW PRO Series 2 eFoil – White

Fliteboard eFoil, Series 2 Models, $13,145.00

Fliteboard PRO

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The Fliteboard™ eFoil gives the sensation of flying over water. Fliteboard carves like a snowboard in fresh powder, but with the freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves. It’s fast, quiet, and emission free.

Purposeful Design
Every detail of Fliteboard has been refined for maximum performance, durability, beauty and enjoyment.
Interchangeable components make Fliteboard easy to transport, set-up, and customize to suit your individual style.
Fly effortlessly for up to 90 minutes per charge with Fliteboards’ dynamic eFoil propulsion system.

Fliteboard PRO

Fliteboard PRO is built using PVC carbon sandwhich technology, and come in a range of finishes including ballistic grade Carbon Innegra and Ash veneer.

Series 2
Fliteboard PRO — 5’ x 24.5”, 67L

Premium quality cells, designed for high discharge combined the world class Battery Management System keep you going. And going. Its durable high quality housing is fully waterproof (IP67).

— Flitecell Explore
— 90+ min run time
— 40Ah / 2.1KWh capacity.
— 14kg / 30.6 lbs

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