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We carry surfboards manufactured here locally in Seattle, Washington and in Hawaii with a wide range of shapers to get you out riding the perfect waves. Our retail store is located in Kirkland, Washington where we offer special order custom surfboards, one-on-one build your ownsurfboard, guidance, used boards, display surfboards, surfboard accessories, surfboard repair, rentals, personal one-on-one and group surf lessons.

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Standup paddle surfing has come a long way from its roots where it was first used by Hawaii's Famous beachboys. General consensus among surf historians is that entrepreneurial beachboys would paddle oversized boards in the crowded Waikiki surf to take pictures of tourists learning to surf. Fast-forward to the late 90's when Laird Hamilton and a core community of extreme watermen re-introduced the sport of standup paddle surfing as a phenomenal cross-training activity that kept them in the water regardless of conditions.

From carving turns on waves to crossing massive distances on the open ocean, these core individuals have sparked a revolution in how we view our oceans, lakes and waterways. Evolving from this small group of dedicated surfers, standup paddling and standup paddle surfing have quickly gained popularity worldwide as one of the most exciting new water sports.