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Call us for more info on display surfboards: 425-827-5323 or info@perfectwave.com

  If you have a need for surfboard display, there a few options we can offer. There are several different types of boards we make for displays:There’s a traditional real surfboard made from real materials, like most surfboards. Usually made from a polyester or epoxy resin. Here are a few examples:


If you need 1 board, or 1000 boards we can handle any order.

We offer hand shaped and computer precision shaped boards.


Here are a few guidelines to go by to help determine the price of your display board.
  1. Size - what size surfboard do you want? (most sizes are between 6 - 7ft)
  2. Color or artwork designs. (if any)
  3. If you want you company logo, we'll need the size of the logo desired.
  4. Will you supply the artwork/logo or do we have to create it?
  5. Does the board need fins? We usually put fin plugs or boxes on the boards which removable fin can be install at anytime.
  6. Gloss or Sand finish - we off two types of finish on the boards. The Gloss finish is a hi-polished finish that has a crystal clear shine.